Lessons from the Lockdown: What I Learned These Last Few Months

I remember the early weeks of the pandemic when New York City, and the country at large, began shutting down. I can distinctly recall the last “normal” weekend in the city. We had dinner, saw friends, caught a show, and stayed out way too late for 39 years old. Covid was but a cautionary newsContinue reading “Lessons from the Lockdown: What I Learned These Last Few Months”

They’re Gr(rrr)eat!

Mascots serve a lot of roles. They’ll be shooting a t-shirt cannon one minute, doing back flips through a ring of fire the next, or intimidating the opposing team. Whatever their shtick, the connective tissue is this – their main job is to create human emotion and a lasting memory. When it comes to sports,Continue reading “They’re Gr(rrr)eat!”

It was Rome, not Hallmark

You may be sitting here thinking “Ugh, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Another holiday created by the greeting card industry” and you may be surprised to hear that you’re not *totally* wrong, but there’s more to it than a conspiracy launched by Hallmark to steal dollars and break hearts. While American’s drop close to $30 billionContinue reading “It was Rome, not Hallmark”

Must Have Been an Earworm. (Ew, a what?)

It’s the morning after the Grammy’s, and I for one, can’t get Billie Eilish out of my head. Perhaps it was the fact that she nearly swept the awards alst night, keeping her song playing for what seemed like every 5 minutes. Or, maybe it’s something more scientific  – and maybe even something in commonContinue reading “Must Have Been an Earworm. (Ew, a what?)”

“Who You Gonna Call?” (Hint: Not the person that ghosted you)

Halloween may be over, but there are still ghosts lurking about (cue creepy music). Unfortunately, the Ghost Busters aren’t going to be able to confront these ghosts- it’s all on us. Ghosting, a term once reserved for the world of dating, has made its way into the professional world. According to Merriam-Webster (wait, let’s pauseContinue reading ““Who You Gonna Call?” (Hint: Not the person that ghosted you)”

Do we need to say No, more often?

 “Focus is saying ‘No’.” – Steve Jobs Growing up, my least favorite word was no. In fact, I’d be lying if I said the sound of that word doesn’t still make me cringe a bit. If my parents said no to one of my (many) requests, I would simply interpret it as our mutually agreedContinue reading “Do we need to say No, more often?”