It was Rome, not Hallmark

You may be sitting here thinking “Ugh, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Another holiday created by the greeting card industry” and you may be surprised to hear that you’re not *totally* wrong, but there’s more to it than a conspiracy launched by Hallmark to steal dollars and break hearts. While American’s drop close to $30 billionContinue reading “It was Rome, not Hallmark”

“Who You Gonna Call?” (Hint: Not the person that ghosted you)

Halloween may be over, but there are still ghosts lurking about (cue creepy music). Unfortunately, the Ghost Busters aren’t going to be able to confront these ghosts- it’s all on us. Ghosting, a term once reserved for the world of dating, has made its way into the professional world. According to Merriam-Webster (wait, let’s pauseContinue reading ““Who You Gonna Call?” (Hint: Not the person that ghosted you)”

Do we need to say No, more often?

 “Focus is saying ‘No’.” – Steve Jobs Growing up, my least favorite word was no. In fact, I’d be lying if I said the sound of that word doesn’t still make me cringe a bit. If my parents said no to one of my (many) requests, I would simply interpret it as our mutually agreedContinue reading “Do we need to say No, more often?”

Why I Gave Up (Most of) Social Media

The early morning moon hangs perfectly over Myrtle Ave on one end, while the sun slowly rises on the other. It’s that perfect time of early morning where the two quickly greet while changing shifts for the day. The logical response would be to pause and enjoy the moment, but social media can make usContinue reading “Why I Gave Up (Most of) Social Media”